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published 2023-09-30, updated 2023-09-30

Links week 39/2023

Selected bookmarks since week 30/2023.

A cute beagle is sitting by his computer, which shows pop-up ads for a yummy bone, a dog toy, and a comfortable-looking doggy bed. These ads partially cover the text of an article by Richard Stallman, How Much Surveillance Can Democracy Withstand? (only visible in the large picture). The dog is wondering, 'How did they find out I'm a dog?'

(© 2014 Richard Stallman and Antonomakia -

A portion of a typical Windows desktop showing the Kermit 95 2.0 Dialer and one of its Settings pages, along with several active K95 terminal sessions.

(The Kermit 95 Desktop -

Barren Planet: The Polar Expedition

('Barren Planet: The Polar Expedition' - CYNINGSTAN -