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published 2024-03-25

Might and Magic

Oh my.. Yesterday I stumbled upon Good Old Games, a distributor that licenses and sells old video games. I bought the Magic and Magic series (part I - VI) for EUR 2.49 .. and maybe a feeew other titles. ;-) MM4 and MM5 (which, if installed together, form the "World of Xeen") were the first games my cousins, uncles, dad and me played on PC during the early nineties.

The games on GOG are optimised/ pre-configured for modern operating systems and contain lots of extra material like digital copies of handbooks, maps, etc. pp. that were shipped with the original boxes. The fact that many of the titles are available in german, too, lowers the barrier for my eight years old son.. So I'm pretty exited wether he likes ANNO, The Settlers or Baldur's Gate.. :-)

Screenshot of Might and Magiv IV

(Screenshot of Might and Magiv IV)